some example data files :

data for SUN and SEDNA (large planetoid in the outer reaches of the Solar System) - data is not exact - the best we could find but the results are surprisingly correct considering initial mass, position and speed approximation

Size : 0.323 Kb
Type : txt

  data for earth and moon

Size : 0.313 Kb
Type : txt

  data for two objects separated by 1 m and masses of 1 kg and 2 kg - who could guess that (in empty space and without other forces involved) they would revolve around each other in a few days

1kg 2kg.txt 1kg 2kg.txt
Size : 0.285 Kb
Type : txt

  data for two protons - this example would be real only if there are no other forces and physical laws involved in this (micro)scale (which is not the case) 

protons.TXT protons.TXT
Size : 0.367 Kb
Type : TXT

 real data for sun and earth for 2014-01-01 (data is from - HORIZONS Web-Interface)

SUN EARTH 20140101.txt SUN EARTH 20140101.txt
Size : 0.588 Kb
Type : txt

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